SP Escudero ‘sorry’ to those hurt by Senate leadership change

SP Escudero ‘sorry’ to those hurt by Senate leadership change

BEFORE adjourning the final session of the 19th Congress, Senate President Chiz Escudero asked for forgiveness from all those hurt by the recent events in the Senate.

Escudero admitted to leading the move to replace Sen. Migz Zubiri as Senate President.

‘’We apologize if we have caused any disturbance or hurt. If we have stepped on anyone’s toes, I hope you accept my humble apology, and we will strive to do our best to match or even surpass the achievements of the previous Senate leadership,’’ Sen. Chiz Escudero said.

Senator Bato Dela Rosa previously apologized to Senator Migz Zubiri for allegedly failing to win the battle for the former Senate President. Meanwhile, Senator Robin Padilla defended Senator Dela Rosa’s decision to sign the resolution in favor of Escudero.

‘’We, the four of us from PDP — I, Senator Bong Go, Senator Bato, Senator Tol, we are one party. So, our votes count as one. I understand Senator Bato’s emotions in this situation because for us, whatever one votes for, that’s the vote of all,’’ Sen. Robin Padilla said.

According to Padilla, Bato had no choice when they spoke to the senator.

‘’Because he needed to choose. Party or what he could call camaraderie with SP Migz, of course, his party prevailed,” Padilla added.

Meanwhile, there has been a reorganization in several key committees under the new leadership.

Some senators were voted to head major committees, including those who voted in favor of Migz Zubiri.

Senator Zubiri was elected to lead the Committee on Economic Affairs.

Senator Sonny Angara replaced Sen. Francis Tolentino as chairman of the Committee on Justice and Human Rights.

Senator Nancy Binay was elected chairperson of the Senate Committee on Sustainable Goals.

Former Majority Floor Leader Joel Villanueva will head the Committee on Labor, Employment, and Human Resources Development.

Meanwhile, Senator JV Ejercito will chair the Committee on Local Government.

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