Tension in West Ph Sea not a priority for Filipinos—Atty. Roque

Tension in West Ph Sea not a priority for Filipinos—Atty. Roque

THE tension continues to escalate between the Philippines and China over the disputed waters of the West Philippine Sea (WPS).

However, this issue is not what the majority of Filipinos want President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. to focus on.

According to the results of a survey by Publicus Asia in the first quarter of the year, it appears that among the issues facing the Philippines, the WPS issue only received 2 percent, while inflation leads at 15 percent.

Former Presidential Spokesperson Atty. Harry Roque said that what Filipinos still prioritize now is having food on their tables.

“The data, we don’t care about your war efforts. What we need is food in our stomachs. Our needs should fit our wages just to buy some food. It’s not enough,” said Atty. Harry Roque – Former Presidential Spokesperson.

Attorney Roque said that even though inflation has slightly slowed down or the rise in prices of goods and services has not been felt by ordinary citizens due to the low value of the peso.

On the other hand, Roque said that increasing tension in the WPS would not help PBBM.

“Oh, Mr. President, your plan to escalate tensions in the West Philippine Sea, won’t add to your popularity because in the end, the only ones making noise there are the ones you defeated yourself, who are now your allies. Aren’t you surprised that those who opposed you in the election are now surrounding you?” he added.

Aside from inflation, the majority of Filipinos also want PBBM to pay attention to the country’s economy, fight against corruption, and poverty, and create more jobs.


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