Thailand, China to hold more joint drills

Thailand, China to hold more joint drills

THAILAND and China will hold another round of joint military drills starting this week.

Air forces, armies, and navies from Thailand and China will stage the joint strike 2023 exercise from mid-August to September.

The joint army training to be held in Thailand will focus on joint counter-terrorism operations.

The drill aims to boost military partnership and strengthen the anti-terrorism cooperation between the two armies.

This is one of the three exercises scheduled from July to September.

The first phase was an annual joint combat exercise dubbed “Falcon Strike 2023” held from July 9 until July 21.

For the second phase, special warfare units owned by the Thai and Chinese armies will take part in the joint strike 2023 Exercise in Lop Buri Province from August 16 to September 2.

Meanwhile, a joint exercise dubbed blue strike will involve navies from both countries and is scheduled to take place from September 3-10.

Thailand and China have been participating in the Falcon Strike Exercise since 2015.

Fighter jets made by the United States and owned by the Royal Thai Force – particularly F16 and F5 fighters – are not allowed to participate in the joint exercise as part of an agreement between the Thai and United States Air Forces.


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