Tom Hanks son Colin Hanks post face mask tutorial

Tom Hanks son Colin Hanks post face mask tutorial

One of the first celebrities to state his positive diagnosis of COVID-19 last month is Tom Hanks.Now, the actor’s son, Colin Hanks, Forthwith the recovery of his father he wants to help also the people who like him father went through so he turned his hobby of crafting kerchiefs into a nationwide charity effort.

Despite this, the 42-year-old also runs a business on the side named Hanks Kerchiefs, which sells patterned kerchiefs online.

Tom’s son first took to his Instagram on Friday to share tips of his trade. For anyone with their kerchiefs, scarfs or bandanas at home, Colin provided a step-by-step tutorial of how to turn the small accessory into a sew-free face mask.

“How to turn your kerchief into a face mask. Don’t forget to put you (sic) kerchief in the washing machine afterwards!” Colin wrote on Instagram.

The post included a slideshow of photos involving each step needed to properly fold and tie the kerchief.

To make the mask, Colin instructs people to lay the kerchief down on a surface, folding the top and bottom towards the center of the cloth.

Then, he instructs his followers to flip the kerchief over and fold the top and bottom halves once again to meet in the center.

Colin then places two hair ties around each side of the kerchief, folding the outer sides to the center.
“This is the part that faces your mouth,” he wrote in the caption before modeling off the creation.

In a second post, Colin announced that his company is joining seven other brands for an online raffle titled “Bandana Rama Online Raffle.”

In addition to Hanks Kerchiefs, several textile and accessory brands will sell bandanas, hats, jackets, backpacks, home goods and more.

The public can submit entries for $5 each and all proceeds will go to the Feeding America COVID-29 Response Fund.

“Hanks Kerchiefs has joined a dream team of the coolest bandana brands in the land to fight food insecurity and support the vital work of Food Banks across the country,” the actor announced.

The online raffle features three prizes totaling $2,400. It began on April 3 and will continue through April 6 at midnight PST.

Feeding America is comprised of a nationwide network of over 200 food banks and is the largest domestic hunger-relief organization in the United States.

The money will help provide funding to food banks who have become a vital lifeline amid the current global health crisis.


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