Tricycles and pedicabs resurfacing in Metro Manila

Tricycles and pedicabs resurfacing in Metro Manila

THE Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) has approved the re-operation of small public transport such as tricycles and pedicabs in Metro Manila under the modified enhanced quarantine community.


Each LGU is required to implement its guidelines in accordance with IATF rules.


Just as Pasay City Mayor Emi Calixto-Rubiano has issued a “go signal” to tricycles and pedicabs in the city to return to operation starting today as long as they comply with the protocols against the spread of COVID-19.


By city rules, drivers and passengers are required to wear face masks, alcohol is also available in the vehicle, hanging plastic shields between driver and passenger, wearing driver’s gloves and regular unit disinfection.


In Pasay City, there is color coding or there are scheduled days of tricycles and pedicabs.


This is to give everyone a fair chance to drive and earn, and to limit the volume of vehicles on the road every day.


Only one passenger can board each trip. The fee is around P30 on the tricycle and P20 on the pedicab but can also be increased depending on the driver and passenger agreement for places that are a bit far.


The city warns that anyone who violates the rules has a penalty.


In addition to the penalty charge, the unit can also be impounded within three to four weeks.



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