Two people injured in 8-hour hostage situation in Japan

Two people injured in 8-hour hostage situation in Japan

IN the city of Warabi, Japan, a gunman who had barricaded himself inside a post office for several hours with hostages has now been arrested, according to local media reports.

Two women were taken captive by the suspect on Tuesday afternoon local time. Fortunately, one of them was later released, and the second was freed after a police operation.

Public broadcaster NHK has reported that both women are unharmed, which is a relief in this tense situation.

At this moment, the motive for the attack remains unclear. Meanwhile, the alleged gunman, who is believed to be in his 80s, is also suspected of being involved in a shooting earlier in the day at the nearby Toda Chuo General Hospital.

This incident has undoubtedly left the local community shaken, as Japan is known for stringent gun ownership regulations.

However, the country has seen an increase in sporadic violent incidents in recent years.


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