U.N. chief calls for de-escalation as Israel, Hezbollah edge closer to all-out war

U.N. chief calls for de-escalation as Israel, Hezbollah edge closer to all-out war

UNITED Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres voiced his concerns about the escalation between Israel and Hezbollah along the so-called Blue Line which serves as the demarcation line dividing Lebanon from Israel and the Golan Heights.

Guterres urged both sides to avoid the risk of conflict and warned that the international community cannot afford to see Lebanon become another Gaza, with many lives lost and people displaced from both sides.

“Let’s be clear, the people of the region and the people of the world cannot afford Lebanon to become another Gaza. On both sides of the Blue Line, many lives have already been lost. Tens of thousands have been displaced, and homes and livelihoods have been destroyed… Civilians must be protected,” Antonio Guterres United Nations Secretary-General said.

Guterres warned further military escalation will only bring more suffering and devastation to communities in Lebanon and Israel.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the “intense phase” of fighting Hamas in Gaza is almost over, with the ground operation in the southern Gaza city of Rafah to be completed soon.

Netanyahu said Israeli troops are now starting to move to the northern border with Lebanon ready to confront Hezbollah.

Israel Defense Forces Rear Admiral and spokesperson Daniel Hagari said Hezbollah’s aggression is bringing both sides to the brink of war, with the Lebanon-based militant group to have fired more than 5,000 rockets at the Jewish state since October, and is being used as a shield for Hamas.

“The Hezbollah terror organization in Lebanon…so that it can be a shield for Hamas,” RAdm. Daniel Hagari IDF Spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, Israel’s military analysts have warned that an all-out war between Israel and Hezbollah will be catastrophic for both sides and could be ten times worse than their previous war in 2006.

Recently, thousands of fighters from Iran-backed groups offered to join Hezbollah to fight Israel.


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