U.N.’s memorial ceremony for late President Raisi snubbed by U.S., European nations

U.N.’s memorial ceremony for late President Raisi snubbed by U.S., European nations

PHOTOS of an almost empty hall at the UN General Assembly circulated online as the international bloc organized a tribute ceremony for late Iranian leader Ebrahim Raisi.

The preliminary meeting showed a significant number of empty seats as representatives who were present paid their respects to Raisi.

Senior officials present at the preliminary meeting gave their respective speeches during the memorial ceremony including UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and UN General Assembly President Dennis Francis.

“As the Islamic Republic of Iran mourns…deepest condolences to its gov’t and people,” Antonio Guterres United Nations Secretary-General said.

“Led his country’s contribution to shaping…and international cooperation,” Dennis Francis UN General Assembly President said.

A minute of silence requested by the Russian Federation, China, Algeria, and on behalf of all members of the Security Council was also held last week.

Meanwhile, members of the Organization of Iranian American Communities together with other activist groups held a week-long protest in front of the United Nations in opposition to the memorial ceremony held for the late Iranian leader.

Dozens of protesters chanting words calling Raisi a “Butcher of Tehran” were seen holding banners in front of the U.N. headquarters.

63-year-old Raisi, who was widely expected to succeed as Iran’s next supreme leader, died from a helicopter crash along with other senior officials on the 19th of May.

Their bodies were found a day later.

State media claimed “three million mourners” had attended the funeral ceremonies in the capital Tehran including high-ranking officials from at least 68 countries.

No Western leaders were present during the ceremonies. A snap election to appoint Raisi’s successor will be held on the 28th of June.


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