U.S. military assets in the country exacerbates PH-China tensions—political vlogger

U.S. military assets in the country exacerbates PH-China tensions—political vlogger

DRAWING attention to the escalating tensions in the WPS, a political vlogger zeroes in on the United States’ military assets stationed in the Philippines.

“He promised continuity of former PRRD independent policy, but after his first visit sometime in September 2022 to America suddenly he made an about-face, a complete turn to his promise, and then eventually the sudden addition four more EDCA bases,” said EB Jugalbot, Political Vlogger.

EB Jugalbot, a political vlogger, highlights the abrupt change in Bongbong Marcos Jr.’s stance, deviating from his promises to uphold the independent foreign policy of the previous Duterte administration, which aimed to maintain friendly relations with all nations.

Instead, Marcos Jr.’s recent remarks regarding China’s disputed claims in the West Philippine Sea have taken a confrontational tone.

Jugalbot emphasizes that the presence of American military assets in the Philippines further exacerbates tensions between the Philippines and China.

“We have B-52 Stratofortress bombers patrolling with our Philippine Air Force jets and airspace in the South China Sea near Taiwan, and Americans have actually admitted deploying Typhoon weapon systems to undisclosed locations in Luzon. Typhoon-class weapon systems are actually intermediate-range missile systems that are nuclear-capable. They are able to launch Tomahawk missiles and are future-proof for the upcoming hypersonic missiles of the Americans,” Jugalbot added.

On the other hand, Atty. Marlon Bosantog, the National Coordinator of the IPRA Center, questioned the Philippines’ situation should tensions in the West Philippine Sea escalate into war.

Just by delivering supplies to our military forces on BRP Sierra Madre in Ayungin Shoal, it seems we are already embarrassed.

“But because it’s laughable and embarrassing for us, just by airdropping food, it’s snatched from us. How can we be believable? Aren’t we being laughed at by the neighbors of the whole world that the Philippines, from them, derives the strength to fight for the West Philippine Sea, fighting against a big nation? When it comes to just airdrop, we’re embarrassed by water cannons,” stated Atty. Marlon Bosantog, National Coordinator, IPRA Center.

Bosantog also said that it’s not too late for peace talks if the issue is only about our country’s rights in the said disputed territory.

He underlined that even Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Taiwan have rights and were also granted traditional fishing rights in the South China Sea.


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