UAE provides 130 million gallons of clean water to Gaza since December

UAE provides 130 million gallons of clean water to Gaza since December

THE United Arab Emirates (UAE) continuously provides much-needed aid for Palestinians affected by the war in Gaza since fighting between Israel and Hamas erupted last year.

Aside from food and clothing, the Gulf nation has also provided safe and clean drinking water by building six desalination plants on the Egyptian side of the Rafah border.

The plants produce about 1.6 million gallons of water every day and have the capacity to serve up to 600,000 Palestinians.

The much-needed facilities provided a critical lifeline to civilians bearing the brunt of the conflict.

The initiative is part of the so-called Gallant Knight 3 – an operation launched in November 2023 to provide humanitarian assistance to the Palestinians in Gaza.

Additionally, the wealthy Gulf nation also pledged to provide treatment for 1,000 injured Palestinian children and 1,000 cancer patients since November.

The UAE has established a field hospital in the southern Gaza Strip with more than 100 doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and laboratory technicians deployed for the mission.

The Gulf nation also pledged millions of dollars in aid for the Palestinians. Operation Gallant Knight 3 has so far supplied Gaza residents with 344 tons of aid, including medicines, medical devices, and intensive care units between November 2023 to May 2024.

A fourth ship transporting urgent humanitarian supplies for Gaza residents set sail for the Egyptian port of Al Arish on Monday carrying 4,750 tonnes of food and 590 tonnes of shelter materials.


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