Ukraine secures continuous support from five Nordic states

Ukraine secures continuous support from five Nordic states

UKRAINIAN President Volodomyr Zelenskyy clinched more support during his latest trip to the Nordic region.

Zelenskyy arrived in the Swedish capital of Stockholm where he signed security deals with the prime ministers of Sweden, Norway, and Iceland.

Norway will provide around €1.2 billion in military assistance to Ukraine this year.

Iceland pledged a fixed annual financial support of at least €30 million from 2024-2028.

These include long-term economic, humanitarian, and defense assistance, as well as helping facilitate Ukraine’s future membership in the European Union and NATO.

Zelenskyy also met King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden. He thanked the monarch for Sweden’s military and humanitarian support to Ukraine which included temporary protection from war for more than 35,000 Ukrainians.

Additionally, all five Nordic states, namely Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland, and Denmark made a joint statement to confirm continuous support for Ukraine.

Sweden last week announced its largest military aid to Ukraine worth 13 billion kronor or about 1.23 billion dollars.

Stockholm’s humanitarian and military aid to Kyiv has now exceeded 100 billion Swedish krona or over $9 billion since the start of the Russian invasion in February 2022.

Zelenskyy has been traveling to capital cities in Europe to appeal for more military aid for the Ukrainian army.

His latest trip included a visit to Singapore where he asked for political and military support from heads of state and defense chiefs in the Asia-Pacific region.


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