Unceasing praise and prayer of Pastor Apollo’s supporters in Davao City continues

Unceasing praise and prayer of Pastor Apollo’s supporters in Davao City continues

IN the continued pursuit of justice and righteousness for Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, the supporters in Davao City persist in their unceasing prayers and praises.

On the thirteenth day of the ongoing prayer rally, the ceaseless and increasingly fervent praises from Pastor Apollo’s supporters are becoming more prominent.

“And as we can see every night, many of us show our support for our beloved Pastor. Speaking of support, we all know the miracles behind the power of praise and worship through the offering of songs, the offering of music through various musical instruments, and even through dancing. In fact, the word of God tells us in Psalms chapter 150, “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord,” and since we are alive, that’s what we do. In that way, we all believe that miracles will happen. We are currently in this “Red Sea” moment, and we all know that through our fervent prayers, through our praise and worship, miracles will occur because we believe that nothing is impossible with our Lord God, the Father Almighty Himself,” said Rudolf Abunda, KOJC Full-Time Missionary Worker.

This is for the justice they want to achieve for Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy and for the entire Kingdom Nation experiencing persecution and lack of justice.

“From the beginning of our activities, we believed that our efforts would lead to success. That’s how strong our faith is, so we do this every day to further overcome and defeat the enemy.”

“Pastor, in this battle, we know that this is a spiritual battle, not just physical. We are with you, Pastor, whatever its outcome may be,” Anthony Martirez, KOJC Full-Time Missionary Worker said.

The said event was attended by the leaders of KOJC, workers, and members of the community who came together in prayer and thanksgiving with deep faith and hope in their hearts—that their battle will end successfully, and the justice they seek will be granted to Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy and the entire congregation of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.


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