US Congress to host Netanyahu at Capitol soon

US Congress to host Netanyahu at Capitol soon

AMID the intensifying war between Israel and Hamas in the Middle East, a U.S. lawmaker once again publicly shows his support for Israel adding that its leader could soon be invited to Washington to address other American lawmakers.

“Today, as international bureaucrats have issued arrest warrants for Israel’s leaders and likened Israel’s just war to the barbarism of October 7th, Washington has been united that I’m proud to tell you in a bipartisan manner against this madness, and we will stand together,” according Rep. Mike Johnson, US House Speaker.

“And tonight, I’m happy to announce something else to you, that we will soon be hosting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the Capitol for a joint session of Congress. Yes,” Johnson added.

Speaking at the Israeli Embassy in the United States on Thursday local time, U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson announced during the Jewish country’s 76th Independence Day celebration that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will soon address the U.S. Congress for a joint session.

The top congressional republican stressed that this will be a timely strong show of support to the Israeli government in their time of greatest need, adding that it is important for Hamas to be met with the force of hundreds of millions of Americans rallying behind Israel.

However, it can be noted that Americans have been divided over their countries involvement in the Israel-Hamas War.

The announcement comes just before the International Court of Justice ordered Israel to immediately halt its military assault on Gaza’s Rafah as it was accused of committing genocide.

Johnson did not reveal exactly when the speech would take place. However, he said that US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer informed him that he would approve the invitation for the joint session.

According to Israeli officials, Netanyahu has not yet received an official invitation and it is still unclear whether or not he will accept the invitation.


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