US warship arrives in South Korea after Putin’s visit to North Korea

US warship arrives in South Korea after Putin’s visit to North Korea

NUCLEAR-powered U.S. aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt docked in the port city of Busan for a three-way exercise with South Korea and Japan.

The U.S. nuclear-powered warship arrived in the country a day after South Korea summoned the ambassador of Russia to protest the defense pact signed between Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

Putin received a grand welcome as he stepped onto North Korean soil for the first time in 24 years, with thousands of North Koreans waving the flags of both countries, and grand portraits of the Russian leaders seen lining up the streets of Pyongyang.

Both leaders signed an agreement that vowed mutual defense assistance in the event of war and also covered partnership in several sectors such as security, trade, investment, cultural, and humanitarian ties.

South Korea said it would consider sending arms to Ukraine following the strategic deal signed between Moscow and Pyongyang.

On the other hand, Putin warned Moscow might supply weapons to North Korea in response to west arming Ukraine with weapons and in the wake of the ongoing campaign by the U.S. and its Western allies to isolate Russia.

The United States, South Korea, and Japan will participate in the Freedom Edge drills in the next few days which was announced during a meeting between their defense chiefs in Singapore earlier this month.

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