Various sectoral groups call for Marcos Jr. resignation

Various sectoral groups call for Marcos Jr. resignation

MARCOS Alis Diyan! Marcos Alis Diyan! That is the call of various sectoral groups that gathered in Quezon City this Monday.

From leaders of women’s groups, youth, Muslims, former cadres, bloggers, and other sectoral groups that supported President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. during the election, they all have one cry now…

Thus, the “Marcos Alis Diyan Movement” was formed.

“The people’s patience has been exhausted. This oppression, this abuse, and the suppression of what we call our democracy under Bongbong Marcos Jr.’s graven dictatorship cannot continue,” according to Ben Ranque, Organizer, Marcos Alis Diyan.

Ben Ranque, one of the organizers of the Marcos Alis Diyan Movement, added that the country is currently experiencing a leadership crisis.

“In Malacañang, the leader is not in his [right] mind. He is a worthless person. A worthless leader. Today he says yes, tomorrow he says no. Our nation, the Philippines, is doomed,” according to Ben Ranque, Organizer, Marcos Alis Diyan.

“For our Muslim brothers and sisters, Marcos Jr. is no longer fit to lead because of the neglected problems and lack of concrete solutions to address those, especially regarding the poverty which many Filipinos are experiencing,” Ranque added.

“I can feel, 100 percent, the extreme suffering and hardship of my fellow Muslims who are here trying to make a living,” stated Zaira Ampuan, Representative, Bangsamoro Ladies.

“Bongbong Marcos, we are pleading with you as representatives of Muslim Women, please step down. The current times are extremely difficult,” Ampuan added.

Bantay Masa Group, a representative of the youth sector, is worried about the country’s situation if Marcos Jr. continues to lead.

“If he does not step down, I foresee the situation in the Philippines worsening in the future. The situation of the youth who long for peace will deteriorate. But all he thinks about is his personal interests,” said Sherwin Nicdao, Youth Sector Representative, Bantay Masa Group.

The Moro National Liberation Front also expressed their sentiments against the president after their leader, Nur Misuari, was found guilty, which they claim is a form of harassment from the current administration.

Marcos Jr., allegedly has no sense of gratitude after the MNLF helped him win the election.

“These [accusations] suddenly surfaced despite the help bbm got from our chairman for his candidacy during the campaign,” Rolando Aziz Monk Olamit, Secretary General, Political Mobilization—MNLF stressed.

“It is very clear that this administration is treacherous,” Olamit added.

According to former cadre Peter Mutuc, one of the neglected issues by the Marcos administration is the country’s security due to the resurgence of illegal drugs and crime.

These were eradicated during the Duterte administration but are now rampant again.

“Now, it is coming back. President bbm, you should know this. These are the things you promised,” according to Peter Mutuc, Former Kadre, CPP-NPA-NDF.

“Do not ignore this Marcos Alis Diyan Movement. The people removed your father from power through EDSA, and they can do it to you too,” Mutuc expressed.

“This is dangerous. This conversation will reach the whole world,” Mutuc added.

Former Cadre: Don’t wait for people power vs Marcos Jr.

Former Cadre Jeffrey “Ka Eric” Celiz emphasized that the sentiment of the people regarding the poor governance of Marcos Jr. is worsening.

He said the signs of history are repeating, similar to EDSA one when former President Ferdinand Marcos Sr. was ousted from Malacañang by a nonviolent revolution in 1986.

“He should not wait for the political and economic crises to worsen, prompting the people to rise and take back power from him. He needs to listen to the people; otherwise, history will judge him again. This time it may be more brutal than the first judgment on his father,” according to Jeffrey “Ka Eric” Celiz.



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