Victoria cancels 2026 Commonwealth Games

Victoria cancels 2026 Commonwealth Games

IN a media conference held on Tuesday morning, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews just made a disappointing announcement regarding the 2026 Commonwealth Games.

The Premier has confirmed that the Games will no longer be taking place in the Australian state as planned.

Speaking in front a group of reporters, Andrews revealed that the primary reason for the cancellation is the immense financial burden associated with hosting such a large-scale event.

For the Victorian premier, spending between 6 to 7 billion Australian dollars for a 12-day sporting event does not represent value for money, but rather “all costs and no benefit.”

“Today is not about finding fault with those cost estimates. Frankly, AU$6-AU$7 billion for a 12-day sporting event, we are not doing that — that does not represent value for money, that is all costs and no benefit,” Daniel Andrews said.

The initial budget to host the games in 2026 was initially declared at $2.6 billion, however, the cost eventually piled up to $6 billion and was predicted to exceed more than that.

Andrews acknowledged the potential benefits that the games could have brought to Victoria such as economic growth, increased tourism, and international exposure for the Australian state of more than 6 million people.

He added that the decision to cancel the Games was made after careful deliberation and consultations with various stakeholders, including the Commonwealth Games Federation, as it became clear that the costs involved would pose a significant strain on the Australian state’s resources.

The disappointment is palpable among athletes, sports fans, and the broader community and has left many athletes who have been training tirelessly heartbroken at the announcement.

However, the Premier emphasized that this cancellation does not signify the end of Victoria’s aspirations to host major sporting events and assured that efforts would be made to support these athletes as well as explore alternative opportunities for them to showcase their talents.

The cancellation of the 2026 Commonwealth Games in Victoria, announced 973 days until the start of the event, has undoubtedly dealt a blow to the sporting community.

Athletes who have been training for years find themselves grappling with disappointment.

Nevertheless, Victoria’s commitment to future opportunities demonstrates resilience and a determination to bounce back.

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