Voters in favor of 3 Duterte’s running for senator

Voters in favor of 3 Duterte’s running for senator

SMNI News gauged the opinions of several citizens in Metro Manila regarding Vice President Sara Duterte’s latest announcement—that former President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, Davao City Mayor Baste Duterte, and First District Representative Paolo Duterte plan to run for the Senate in the upcoming 2025 midterm elections.

Most respondents expressed happiness and support for the three Dutertes running in the next election.

“I’m very okay with it. I’m definitely in favor of them running [in the next elections]. For me— because witnessed the Philippines doing very well during the term of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte. The Philippines was really good. No drugs were involved. It significantly decreased, unlike now where it is very blatant,” said Bona Pablo, Voter.

“I wholeheartedly support it. Thumbs up,” Pablo added.

“They should definitely come back. They should be the ones we vote for,” said Jenelyn Goloran, Voter.

“Think about it, now compare it to before when his father was in office, you wouldn’t see drug users. But now, it’s out in the open and even my children can see it,” said Jenelyn Goloran, Voter.

“It’s okay with me. The criminals and addicts were gone. But now, there are so many of them on the streets again,” said Tess, Voter.

“I prefer them because, during their time, the number of drug addicts and robbers on the streets decreased. So, for me, if they run for senator or president—it’s possible because they can do it,” said Jao, Voter.

“We need a firm hand, especially since we travel at uncertain times. We reach home at late hours,” Jao added.

“It’s better to bring back the previous state. To make people’s lives okay again,” said Eric Bayot, Voter.

“We now have a crisis because of the increasing prices. It would be better if we have Duterte; lower prices, higher wages, and people are safer,” said Eric Bayot, Voter.

“I really like Duterte, because we were able to save on rice and other expenses back then,” said Luz Palabrika, Voter.

“We should really vote for Duterte,” Luz added.

“For me, I want Duterte to return. His governance was okay,” said Raphael Paclibar, Voter.

“The Philippines changed a lot because of President Duterte,” said MJ, Voter.

“It’s okay, we are happy with him because he removed a lot of criminals and drug addicts,” said Eloisa Natividad, Voter.

Public can’t be blamed for missing the Dutertes—Atty. Roque

According to former Malacañang spokesperson Atty. Harry Roque, the public can’t be blamed for being excited about having three Dutertes in the Senate, especially since they have experienced the “Duterte brand of leadership.”

“Our fellow citizens are excited about having three Dutertes in the Senate. Notice, people always talk about “During Duterte’s time.”

“Can you blame them? During Duterte’s time, communities were peaceful. The threat of drugs almost disappeared. The economy was vibrant,” according to Atty. Harry Roque, Former Presidential Spokesperson.

“During Duterte’s time, the West Philippine Sea was peaceful, and our country was prosperous due to stronger trade,” Atty. Roque added.

Roque added that one reason for the public’s excitement is their disappointment with the Marcos administration, especially the unfulfilled promises like the twenty-peso rice.

“So, can you blame them for longing for Duterte?” he added.

Roque also mentioned that the Duterte family is not power-hungry but rather trusted because they have proven their leadership capabilities.

VP Sara Duterte Shaking Up the Political World—Strategist

As for a political strategist, Vice President Sara Duterte shook up the political world with her latest announcement.

“It’s like tectonic, what rank is that? We were quiet. Everyone was thinking about the reason behind her resignation, and then finally she spoke,” stated Malou Tiquia, Political Strategist.

“Three Dutertes will run, I said, “really?” If before we had a hard time convincing some, now three will run for the Senate and one aims for 2028,” Tiquia added.

Malou Tiquia also added that Vice President Duterte’s announcement about their family’s plans for the upcoming midterm elections was not premature.

“October 8 is drawing near. I think that’s a critical announcement. The 2028 election is still far, but if Mayor Baste is hinting at his interest, then that’s also good.”

“I think they are publicly measuring the people’s reactions. Of course, it will be divided. Some are pro-Duterte, and some are against Duterte,” she added.

Mayor Baste Ready to Lead the Philippines—Atty. Roque

Meanwhile, Vice President Duterte shared that her mother, Elizabeth Zimmerman, said that Mayor Baste would run for president in the 2028 elections.

But the question is, is the younger Duterte ready to lead the country?

“I think he can do it. One term as Mayor, three years as Senator, and he’s ready. And not only that, he grew up as a Duterte. He was surrounded by people serving from his father to his sister.”

“He has a strong resolve. When he speaks, you close your eyes, and it’s like his father is speaking. There’s no difference,” Roque added.


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