VP Duterte reminds graduates to fulfill their dreams, never give up

VP Duterte reminds graduates to fulfill their dreams, never give up

THIS Friday morning, Vice President Sara Duterte graced the sixth Commencement Exercise of Ismael Mathay Sr. High School (IMSHS) in Quezon City.

In her message to the graduates, the vice president had a reminder for them.

She said that based on her experience, life will not be easy but if they only look at the good things in all situations it will be a bridge to many good opportunities.

“Life won’t be easy. But even if it’s not easy, it will be full of opportunities if only you see the brighter side of things. You always look at the brighter side of things. These opportunities will present themselves before you but let’s start talking about the value of your dreams,” Vice President Sara Duterte, Republic of the Philippines said.

Vice President Duterte also urged the graduates to fulfill their dreams in life and it will only happen through their efforts and dedication.

However, she said that sometimes there are dreams that no matter how hard you try, don’t come true, but reminded they never give up.

“There are times that even with hard work, even with determination, dreams slip through one’s fingers causing disappointment and despair,” VP Duterte said.

“Don’t give up. Do not surrender. Cultivate another garden of dreams. You should and you must because of your life is at stake and the lives of your future family members. In my own experience, dreams may come true and it may come true for those who will work hard for them to come true,” she added.

 VP Duterte hopes PBBM to showcase what DepEd has done

Meanwhile, in the upcoming State of the Nation Address by President Bongbong Marcos, Jr. Vice President Duterte expects to hear something from the president.

“We don’t want to go ahead of our president but we expect that he will highlight what we have immediately accomplished in the past year,” VP Duterte said.

Vice President Duterte responded to the question of whether DepEd has any programs or policies that he wants President Marcos to support.

“Well, fortunately, President Bongbong Marcos has the same vision and what the Department of Education has prepared, particularly his understanding of the continuity of the Basic Education Development Plan of President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration. And he was also with us when we crafted the Matatag Agenda of the Department of Education during the term of President Marcos. Basically, in the Matatag Agenda, we highlighted the learners, the teachers, our facilities, and the quality of our education,” VP Deterte said.

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