VP Sara Duterte’s message for Pride Month

VP Sara Duterte’s message for Pride Month

PRIDE Month serves as a reminder of the power of love over hate, discrimination, and indifference toward a sector that had historically been subjected to shame, persecution, and inequitable opportunities in life.

Over the past many years, we have witnessed how we have become a nation that promotes inclusivity, advances the welfare of disadvantaged sectors, and champions the cause for equality.

This is a victory for all — not only for those who dreamed of a world without othering — a world where everyone is valued, accepted, and empowered, but also for all of us who toppled down the wall that isolated the LGBT sector and deprived them of recognition, respect, acceptance, and love.

And let us take pride in how we stood for the cause of the LGBT sector, especially those that promote our shared values and aspirations as a democracy.

Let Pride Month become a celebration of our humanity.

Magtulungan tayo upang tiyakin na ang bawat Pilipino, lalo na ang ating mga kabataan, ay ligtas, tunay na naririnig, at buong pusong kinikilala.

Mabuhay ang pag-ibig at pagkakapantay-pantay para sa lahat.


Editor’s Note: This article has been sourced from the Inday Sara Nation Facebook Page.


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