VP Sara’s announcement, a headache for critics of Dutertes—Sonza

VP Sara’s announcement, a headache for critics of Dutertes—Sonza

WHO among the Dutertes will their critics look out for now?

Because three members of the Duterte family will apparently run for senator in the upcoming 2025 mid-term elections.

Who would have thought that three Dutertes would run for senator next year?

It’s no secret to the public that the Duterte brand of leadership is far different from others.

For political commentator Jay Sonza, being unpredictable is the trademark of the Dutertes.

“If you’re used to [being] one step ahead, they are ten steps ahead – in other words, ten moves in the game of chess. So, you won’t be able to tell. That’s why [the critics] were not able to tell that she would suddenly resign. They kept putting pressure on her, wanted her to resign. When she resigned, they were in disarray. Why resign? And she resigned for no reason. She did not say what her reason was. All she said was, I have a reason, but since that’s what you wanted so I will resign,” said Jay Sonza, Political Commentator.

To recall, the Department of Education (DepEd) under the leadership of Vice President Sara Duterte has proven to be the most trusted government agency in the Philippines based on survey results. And Sonza commented that Vice President Duterte is the “flag-carrier” of the Marcos Jr. administration, saving the image of the government, since the trust and approval ratings of those in the highest positions continue to slip, including that of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

Many of the vice president’s supporters are calling for her to break free from the Marcos Jr. administration so that her ratings do not affected.

Meanwhile, in the event that Vice President Duterte’s announcement that Davao City Mayor ‘Baste’ Duterte will run for president in the 2028 elections comes true and he wins, that would make him the youngest president in Philippine history at the age of just 41 years old.


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