‘We are losing our way’ Atty. Roque on Philippines’ underperforming ASEAN economy

‘We are losing our way’ Atty. Roque on Philippines’ underperforming ASEAN economy

AN international lawyer is questioning the country’s leadership following Moody’s analytics report that the Philippine economy is the “worst underachiever” in ASEAN.

Where is the government leadership?

This is the question of former Presidential Spokesperson Atty. Harry Roque following the release of a report by Moody’s analytics – a research firm in the pacific region.

Moody’s reported that the Philippine economy is the worst underachiever in the entire Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

The report also states that the economy in the Asia Pacific Region is growing fast compared to other regions in the world, but, when it comes to gross domestic product (GDP), it is still low compared to pre-pandemic levels.

Based on Moody’s analytics, the Philippine economy is considered the “worst underachiever” in ASEAN, along with Thailand, with a GDP below 10 percent compared to pre-pandemic levels.

For Atty. Roque, this was not the case with the Philippine economy during former President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration.

Because of this, Roque couldn’t help but say that the Philippines seemed to be losing its way under the Marcos administration.

“We are losing our way, and as I said earlier, we don’t just need a president for the issue with China, although that is the most urgent, the most important thing the president should address is the high prices of goods, lack of jobs, and low wages. We also need a president because until now, we haven’t seen any leadership to solve these problems, we have a crisis of leadership. We have a lot of problems, but no one is responding, and they are focusing on irrelevant matters. That is really our problem in our country right now,” said Atty. Harry Roque, Former Pres’l Spokesperson.

Roque also couldn’t help but criticize the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) for making life harder for farmers, which greatly affects the Philippine economy.

On the other hand, Roque is also dismayed by the weakening of the peso as investors lose confidence amid the alleged leadership crisis gripping the country.


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