Why is this admin obsessed with Pastor Quiboloy?

Why is this admin obsessed with Pastor Quiboloy?

PASTOR Apollo C. Quiboloy is one of the most significant people working with Dutertes. He is influential not only as a PASTOR at KOJC, but also as the owner of a school JMCFI and a news network.

This is also one of the reasons they shut down SMNI, as it is the sole network that gives voice to the Dutertes, covers VP Sara’s accomplishments as VP and DepEd Secretary, and helps Digong to continue to extend his influence despite the fact that he is now an ordinary citizen.

By hobbling Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, they are also destroying the means, influence, and assistance he may provide to VP Sara if she decides to run for President, and much more so to Digong if he decides to run for Senator next year. Or maybe to the Duterte-aligned senators for the upcoming 2025 midterm elections.

Take note that Quiboloy has helped a number of government officials. SMNI was highly effective in supporting BBM to win the 2022 presidential elections— knowing that no one cares about him except bloggers/vloggers and the SMNI.

Having two Dutertes in both the executive and legislative branches is a nightmare for any other politician seeking a higher position. They are well aware of the Dutertes’ political capital. They seek to destroy Dutertes’ grassroots support because it is their most powerful weapon, and it is precisely why they constantly win.

This is why Martin Romualdez has also become involved. The Tingog Partylist has adopted strategies similar to those implemented by VP Sara in the OVP. They replicate these methods because they recognize their high effectiveness.

The way I see it, that “ayuda move” is their attempt to garner more voters. It’s an indirect attempt to buy votes, particularly given the forthcoming elections. The “many winners in lotto” is one of their means of funding their efforts to silence ordinary critics and cripple those with connections to the Dutertes. It is only during this admin that we have weekly lotto winners. It’s really not giving.

Moreover, the Liberal Party (LP) is determined to prevent another Duterte from gaining power. This is where they utilize the power of the FL Liza Marcos. FLAM is an Araneta and history would tell us that Aranetas are loyal pure-blooded dilawans.

Recognize that it was during Duterte’s administration that the Liberal Party’s influence was significantly weakened due to the old man’s numerous exposés.

Currently, the Liberal Party appears to be aligning themselves with the Marcoses in an effort to divide their supporters. By doing so, they aim to work strategically to regain the influence and power they lost during Duterte’s tenure.

The Dutertes are the BIGGEST DEAL now, not the Marcoses.

They understood they had successfully prevented the Marcoses from reclaiming power for 30+ years and knew it was easy to discredit them due to their tarnished reputation. Additionally, many supporters were turning away from the Marcoses because of the present administration’s gross incompetence.

If you observe closely, there are systematic demolition campaigns targeting the Dutertes: budgets allocated to Davao officials are being cut, PNP officers are being replaced with personnel from Luzon, local politicians aligned with the Dutertes are suspended and removed from office, and despite contrary public statements, there’s a tacit allowance for the ICC to intervene. There is also ongoing disparagement of VP Sara in her roles at the OVP and DepEd.

And you know who has the power to combat all these demolition campaigns? — Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy.

This is why the Marcoses and the Yellows are collaborating to imprison PACQ. Given his resources, influence, and power, it would be challenging for them to secure a seat in the upcoming national elections.


Editor’s Note: This article has been sourced from the Tio Moreno Facebook Page.

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