Wild monkeys wreak havoc, spread terror in Thai town

Wild monkeys wreak havoc, spread terror in Thai town

A huge group of wild monkeys that became a popular symbol of a town in central Thailand has slowly become a curse that constantly brings headaches to residents.

The mischievous long-tailed macaques have long been a symbol of Lopburi, with an annual festival dedicated to them.

In recent years, residents experienced unspoken horrors as the animals are becoming more aggressive in search of food.

The mission to “imprison” troublesome macaques and reduce their numbers has become a daily part of life for residents in Lopburi.

The first stage of the plan enforced on Friday involved luring animals into cages with their favorite food.

The goal is to lock them up and relocate them to a bigger enclosure to lessen cases of humans and monkeys hurting each other.

Authorities decided to take action after receiving tons of complaints from residents about the annoying behavior of the macaques.

An estimated 2,500 macaques are running around Lopburi which made it earn its current title of “monkey town.”

However, authorities confessed that catching the monkeys is indeed not an easy task as the animals are intelligent and fast learners, forcing them to adapt new strategies to catch them.

The monkeys revered as a symbol of culture is now becoming a huge headache amid growing aggression among alpha males and reports of the animals jumping between buildings, disturbing shops, making houses in temples, and snatching foods from humans that sometimes resulted in scratches and injuries.

Despite several failed attempts, authorities are not giving up on looking for new ways to control the population of animals after years of dangerous encounters with residents and visitors.


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