Workers experiencing harassment in the workplace approached the DOLE

Workers experiencing harassment in the workplace approached the DOLE

ABUSE, mistreatment, and oppression – these are common issues faced by overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). But did you know it’s not just overseas Filipino workers experiencing mistreatment abroad? Filipino workers also face abuse in their workplaces within the country.

Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Secretary Bienvenido Laguesma emphasized that the DOLE’s program on workplace violence is effective, especially for women.

He highlighted that the Philippines has laws addressing worker issues, complemented by dedicated DOLE programs.

Despite women being frequent victims of harassment and violence, Laguesma emphasized that everyone, regardless of gender, can avail themselves of these support programs.

“Please focus on implementing the DOLE program related to gender. Regardless of gender or sex, the DOLE program is open to all,” said Sec. Bienvenido Laguesma.

Laguesma advised workers not to engage in conflicts at work, to leave personal issues at home, and to seek assistance from DOLE offices or branches in different regions if facing work pressure or lacking support from the Human Resource Department (HRD) of their company.

“The regional office may involve summonses, hearings, and potential legal action if no resolution is reached. Those filing complaints should receive proper compensation or DOLE’s support will continue to address harassment and violence during work hours,” he added.

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