World class business leaders meet in Bangkok to discuss ‘cannabis’

World class business leaders meet in Bangkok to discuss ‘cannabis’

WORLD-class business leaders met in Bangkok for a two-day conference about the benefits of cannabis or marijuana, particularly in the medical world.

The conference held on February 29-March 1 is the 3rd Annual Conference and the leading event on the development of the Asian medical cannabis and hemp market. It’s known as Cannabis Business Asia Conference.

“I felt Cannabis Business Asia was the right platform at the right time to inform those wanting to do Cannabis-related business in Thailand of King Bhumibol’s National Plan based on his New Theory of Sustainability,” according to Don Land, administrator and executive chairman of Thai Cannabis Corporation, Thailand.

Dr. Richard Nixon Gomez, a scientist, inventor and chairman of Bauertek Corporation in the Philippines, was the event’s moderator. The company is the country’s premier manufacturer of food supplements. It exceeds the country’s manufacturing standards, raising the bar for others to follow. Strategic partnerships with various government agencies and academic institutions allow Bauertek to source the highest quality materials needed to create world-class products.

Bauertek’s team of scientists, researchers, and associates are dedicated to providing unparalleled service to its clients.​

Gomez discussed on the status of cannabis in the Philippines which use is still illegal. The country now gears for the global cannabis industry.

At the Philippine Congress, thirteen (13) senators have signed the committee report on the measure that seeks to legalize the use of medical marijuana or cannabis.

The bill seeks the creation of the Philippine Medical Cannabis Authority (PMCA) under the Department of Health (DOH), and will be the principal agency that will be in charge of the implementation of the proposed law, and access and use of medical cannabis.

The PMCA, in turn, shall be assisted by the inter-agency Medical Cannabis Advisory Committee. The PMCA shall also be in charge of identifying the specific areas allowable for the cultivation of marijuana.

Under the proposed law, the cultivation shall only be permitted in a closed, locked and controlled facility and that the cultivation shall not be located within one kilometer of the property line of pre-existing public or private school, college or university, daycare center, child care facility or an area zoned for residential use, according to published reports.

It has been over 10 years when supporters of the medical marijuana have been seeking its use legalization. “We hope that cannabis will be legalized in the Philippines before the end of this year,” Gomez optimistically announced.

Frank Minitello, founder and COO of FYR Genetics, also in Thailand, talked on “Legacy Market: Where It All Began.” He said cannabis saved his life, adding that the industry (cannabis) and “genetics today is really an incredibly important part that we’re starting to find out.”  He further said that cannabis assist in the treatment  of “back pain, anxiety, nausea, sleep deprivation, cancer or with no appetite.”

Luke Johnson, the president and CEO of NuNature Labs in USA and Brazil, had a presentation on “Prescription Cannabis and Its Evolution,” with the continuous growth of the global cannabis market. As to usage, cannabis is 46% recreational; 28% therapeutic; 26% medical, Johnson said.

Somai Pharmaceuticals and the Golden Standard of Medicinal Cannabis’ CEO and founder in Portugal, Michael Sassano said they have a full-blown recreational market in Portugal and have 86 cannabis products and 20 more just for this quarter. Somai… is into manufacturing cannabis.

On the other hand, Dr. Atthachai Homhuan, director of Regulatory Affairs, Tilleke & Gibbins in Thailand, talked about Legal Due Diligence and Thailand Cannabis Industry. He said that Thailand strictly follows regulations before but in 2019, cannabis was lifted from the list of narcotics and no longer in the control of narcotics law. He also talked about the past, present and future of cannabis in the country.

Paul Crosio, a partner of Silk Legal in Thailand, discussed on “Cannabis in Thailand: Psychotropic to Cannabis now Highly Regulated, said the decriminalization of the use of cannabis has released prisoners, who were jailed for using or possessing the plant or hemp.

“Creating A Meaningful Cannabis Brand” was expounded by David Paleschuck, Consultant & Author from Branding Bud Consulting Group, USA. “A brand is really a promise and its ability to deliver on that promise consistently,” said Paleschuck.

Meanwhile, Lisa Varley, managing director of MiDispensary, Australia talked on “Medicinal Cannabis Australia: The Evolving Landscape.” Other speakers were Tom Forrest, who discussed on “Cultivating World Class Cannabis in Asia-Pacific: Insights and Lessons on Cannabis Agriculture,” Fernando Worner, “Cannabis in New Zealand and Brazil: Finding Synergies and Overcoming Challenges Together,” Angelo Desiante, “Crafting a Robust Brand in the CBD Sector.”

Others were Pornchai Padmindra, president of Thai Industrial Hemp Trade Association, Thailand who discussed on “Asia Cannabis Operating Model – Combining Beauty of East & West,” Kohei Yamada, founder and CEO of Kiseki Group, Japan talked about “Japanese Medical Legalization and its Opportunity,” Jordan Herring, CEO & founder of Hidden Valley Genetics
Thailand for “The Importance of Genetics When It Comes To Investment,” Stefan Rohrl, CEO & Co-Founder of Hemp Group Germany, who talked on “Creating a Cannabis Brand with Lasting Power.”

Some reasons given in attending the conference, according to officials were: to understand the market, the competition and opportunities for cannabis, CBD and hemp product or service; to learn from the brightest minds and apply best practices toward entrepreneurial endeavor in the Asian region and gain insight into how well one can best position his business  in front of a target market ready to engage.


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