Xi visits flood-stricken areas in China’s Heilongjiang province

Xi visits flood-stricken areas in China’s Heilongjiang province

Chinese President Xi Jinping visited flood-affected villagers of Shangzhi City in northeast China’s Heilongjiang province.

Xi was seen walking into the fields of Longwangmiao village on Thursday, to check how rice plants were affected by the floods.

He also checked damaged houses and reconstruction of infrastructures while walking in the village streets.

The Chinese president was also seen talking to villagers to learn about the losses of their supply of daily needs.

He then encouraged them to bolster their confidence to overcome difficulties and resume normal work and life sooner.

The province of Heilongjiang was said to be China’s biggest grain producer.

CCTV Plus reported that the devastation affected 17 townships, 161 villages, and 23 communities citywide. Some 28,500 households amounting to 79,000 people suffered damage, with almost 5,000 homes wrecked, 414,600 mu (27,640 hectares) of grain crops ruined, including 370,200 mu (24,680 hectares) that were completely destroyed.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government said recovery efforts and reconstruction are in full swing.


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