Bong Go proposes Magna Carta of Government Accountants

Bong Go proposes Magna Carta of Government Accountants

SENATOR Christopher “Bong” Go has filed on February 7, Senate Bill No. 2538, known as the Magna Carta of Government Accountants, to bolster transparency and accountability within the public sector and promote welfare of public accountants given their crucial role in good governance.

This legislative proposal seeks to enhance the integrity and efficiency of government operations by establishing a comprehensive set of rights and responsibilities for government accountants, a group crucial to the nation’s fiscal health.

Go underscored the bill’s essence: “Our government accountants are the unsung heroes in our fight against corruption and inefficiency within the public sector.”

“By empowering them with clear rights and responsibilities, we are fortifying our commitment to transparency and accountability as enshrined in our Constitution,” added Go.

The bill comes at a crucial time when the role of government accountants extends beyond traditional financial reporting. They are instrumental in strategic financial management, risk assessment, and ensuring that public funds are utilized efficiently for the welfare of the people.

To support this, the Magna Carta proposes additional compensation and incentives, including subsistence allowance, longevity pay, and injury compensation, recognizing these professionals’ critical functions.

Go elaborated on the bill’s importance, “We want to acknowledge the indispensable role of government accountants in maintaining fiscal discipline, preventing fraud, and promoting efficient resource allocation. They deserve our utmost support.”

The proposed Magna Carta also outlines several key provisions to improve the social and economic status of government accountants, promote their professional growth, and safeguard their welfare.

It also emphasizes recruitment based on merit, performance evaluation, security of tenure, and the prohibition of discrimination in the workplace.

Furthermore, the bill advocates for the right of government accountants to self-organize, attend workshops, and have freedom from interference or coercion, underlining the government’s commitment to enhancing the professional environment for these key figures.

In pushing for the approval of this bill, Go appealed, “I earnestly seek your support for the Magna Carta of Government Accountants. Let us take a significant step towards a more accountable, transparent, and efficient government together.”

Aside from this measure, Go also filed SBN 2536, aimed at professionalizing the government accounting service to enhance the management and control of government resources. The bill proposes the establishment of the Government Accountancy Office under the Department of Budget and Management, tasked with the technical supervision of accounting functions across all government agencies.

This initiative seeks to streamline and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of financial operations and internal control systems within the bureaucracy, ensuring more responsive and responsible handling of government transactions and financial management.


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