Cleanfuel inaugurates new solar-powered station in Bulacan

Cleanfuel inaugurates new solar-powered station in Bulacan

ONE of the prominent players in the Philippine fuel industry has recently unveiled its latest fuel station in Bulacan.

This marks their 7th station in the province with the aim of providing quality fuel at affordable prices.

‘Cleanest fuel, make it your everyday choice.’

Cleanfuel’s President and CEO, Atty. Bong Suntay, announced that their newest station will be solar-powered.

“And as I mentioned before, Cleanfuel is going solar, so this Cleanfuel station is once again solar-powered,” said Atty. Jesus ‘Bong’ Suntay, Cleanfuel President and CEO.

Last week, Cleanfuel opened their Biak na Bato station in Quezon City, their pioneer solar-powered station.

In line with their commitment to environmental conservation Cleanfuel emphasizes a significant investment in clean energy sources, with solar power being a major step forward.

They also announced plans for more stations to adopt solar energy.

“Of course, we will open the Cleanfuel Binangonan down in Rizal two weeks from now, then we will return to Bulacan the following week to inaugurate the Cleanfuel San Ildefonso Bulacan,” Suntay added.

Suntay explained the current oil pricing dynamics in the Philippines, particularly in light of recent events in the Middle East, where a significant portion of oil products originates.

“At the moment, it’s relatively stable, although there may be minor price adjustments. However, we’re not seeing the significant fluctuations as before. The product costs have been affected by the US bombing in Iraq,” explained Suntay.


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