Commanding General of the Philippine Army visits Agila Troopers, boosts morale

Commanding General of the Philippine Army visits Agila Troopers, boosts morale

THE 10th Infantry (Agila) Division, Philippine Army, proudly welcomed the Commanding General of the Philippine Army, Lieutenant General Roy M Galido, during his visit to Camp General Manuel T. Yan Sr. in Mawab, Davao De Oro on January 29, 2024.

During his visit, Lieutenant General Galido conducted a comprehensive briefing with Major General Allan D Hambala, 10ID Commander, alongside brigade, battalion, and other subordinate commanders. The discussions centered around strategic plans and operational capabilities, aiming to enhance the troops’ efforts in maintaining peace and stability within the division’s area of responsibility.

In his talk to the troops, Lieutenant General Galido emphasized the values of discipline, a healthy lifestyle, and good family relations, highlighting their pivotal role in creating reliable, responsive, and relevant soldiers crucial to meeting the nation’s needs.

Expressing gratitude for their diligence and dedication, Lieutenant General Galido commended the troops and the Civilian Human Resource (CHR) of 10ID, acknowledging the challenges of military service and lauding their voluntary commitment and service-oriented approach.

“I would like to thank you [troops]. Mahirap ang pagiging sundalo pero nag-volunteer pa rin kayo. Pati na rin sa Civilian [Human Resource], thank you for volunteering, rendering service, for acting like soldier service-oriented,” Lt. Gen. Galido said.

The purpose of the Commanding General Philippine Army’s visit was not only to boost the morale of the troops but also to assess the operational readiness and capabilities of the 10ID, ensuring alignment with the overall goals of the Philippine Army.


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