Davao City’s Botika ng Bayan serves more than 1M clients

Davao City’s Botika ng Bayan serves more than 1M clients

THE City government of Davao, through the City Health Office’ (CHO) Botika ng Bayan, has provided free medicines to 1, 309, 647 Dabawenyos since 2018.

Gemma Pujanes, Head of the CHO’s Pharmacy Section, said in an interview with the City Information Office (CIO) on Monday that the Botika ng Bayan is a program intended to ensure that every Dabawenyo has access to free medicine.

“This is a big help for the Dabawenyos since it lessens their out of pocket expenses on medicine, because through the Botika ng Bayan, they can avail of free medicines,” Pujanes said.

The Botika ng Bayan offers free maintenance medicines, antibiotics, medicines for cough and cold, pain relievers, and fever medicine.

Currently, there are 11 Botika ng Bayan located in different health districts including in Bunawan, Calinan, Toril A (Toril Proper), Toril B (Daliao), Paquibato, Marilog, Buhangin, Sasa, Tomas Claudio, CHO Main, and at the Malasakit Center.

Pujanes said that they are eyeing the opening and licensing of more Botika ng Bayan in other health districts in the city with licensed pharmacists to ensure efficient utilization and access to medicines.

Dabawenyos are urged to avail of the free health services of the City Health Office through their district and barangay health centers as well as in their main office. The CHO assures the public that there are free medicines available in the Botika ng Bayan which they can avail of by going to the Botika ng Bayan pharmacies in their districts or the CHO’s main office on Magallanes Street. Dabawenyos who wish to avail of the free medicines only need to bring and present their prescriptions to the different Botika ng Bayan.


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