Freedom of the press, advocated in every Maisug Rally

Freedom of the press, advocated in every Maisug Rally

WHEN it comes to freedom of expression, Filipinos in Japan are among those who will stand and fight for this right!

Freedom of expression is a right of every citizen, especially since we are a democratic country. And part of this freedom is our right to speak and express our thoughts and grievances.

This is guaranteed to us by the constitution.

But for the critics of the government – why do they seem to feel that they don’t experience this freedom?

“We are here in Japan now to join forces so they know about the oppression, the harassment in power, the blatant corruption in the government, and the oppression of the constitution that is very important to our Bill of Rights.”

“There are times when we are silent, and there are times when we need to speak. So, at the time when we speak, the oppressive Marcos administration silences us. We reach here in Japan together with our fellow citizens and thank you very much that we are speaking out and we do not agree,” according to Dr. Lorraine Badoy, Speaker, Maisug Rally.

Dr. Lorraine Badoy, the former spokesperson of National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC) under the Duterte administration, is now in Japan to promote freedom of expression at the upcoming Maisug Japan Rally.

“We are here now to protest, to express our sentiments because in the Philippines now it is forbidden to speak and express freely. Bongbong Marcos has removed those rights,” Badoy added.

“True freedom does not ask for permission, so we all do not ask for permission from anyone. We will remind ourselves and each other, especially this oppressive president, who holds the power, and that is the Filipino people who trusted him. He is betraying us, so we need to speak out peacefully with one voice to be heard, to hear each other, and for this president to hear us,” Badoy stressed.

Hundreds of Filipinos expected to attend Maisug Rally in Japan

This Saturday, thousands of Filipinos will attend the Maisug Rally at Saitama Hall to join the advocacy of bringing freedom of expression to every Filipino around the world.

Some of the Filipinos attending will travel to Saitama to participate in the gathering.

Japan is home to over 300,000 filipinos according to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) as of December 2023.

BesidesBbadoy, former Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque and Former Executive Secretary Vic Rodriguez are also expected to attend.

“Our fellow Filipinos here in Japan believe that when it comes to love and concern for the country, distance cannot limit them from expressing their true sentiments. Tomorrow, they will gather to voice their true sentiments,” Atty. Vic Rodriguez, Former Executive Secretary stated.


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