I-RISE and EAGLE Performance Assessment Kick-off at DENR NCR

I-RISE and EAGLE Performance Assessment Kick-off at DENR NCR

THE Integrated Regional Field Assessment and Validation System for ENR Management or I-RISE and the Environmental Awards for Governance and Leadership Excellence or EAGLE performance assessment and validation in DENR National Capital Region officially started since June 3-7 at the National Ecology Center, Quezon City.

Formally received by the office, headed by Regional Executive Director Atty. Michael Drake P. Matias, the twenty-three (23) staff of DENR Central Office forming the Performance Assessment Team, under the leadership and leadership of DENR Director for Internal Audit Service Vicente Tuddao, Jr.

Activism is an essential process to ensure that the Department’s programs, activities, and projects contribute effectively to environmental sustainability and resource management goals. By regularly conducting these assessments, the Department will enhance its ability to respond to challenges, optimize the use of resources, and achieve its strategic goals in line with ENR priorities and trusts.

Also, it helps the Department identify achievements and areas for improvement, ensures accountability and alignment with its mandate and purpose. In doing so, this commitment to regular evaluations will lead to better outcomes and increased public confidence in DENR’s efforts.

According to Matias the activity, above all, is very important for ensuring that public services are delivered effectively, efficiently, and in accordance with the strategic goals and needs of the public.

“These processes help ensure that public services meet high standards of quality and responsiveness. This commitment to excellence ultimately leads to greater public trust and satisfaction with the services provided by the Department”.

The five (5) day work started with the conduct of the entry conference followed by the assessment, field inspection, validation, integration and presentation, and finally, the exit conference.


Editor’s Note: This article has been sourced from the DENR National Capital Region Facebook Page.


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