Marikina Shoe Bazaar offers big back-to-school discounts for students

Marikina Shoe Bazaar offers big back-to-school discounts for students

On Monday, July 8, the shoe capital of the Philippines—Marikina City opened its Back-to-School Shoe Bazaar.

As the school season approaches, parents are once again busy buying school supplies, uniforms, and new shoes.

And where else would you go for affordable shoes but the shoe capital of the Philippines—Marikina City?

The city government brings good news to those looking for affordable yet high-quality school shoes.

On Monday, July 8, the city opened its Back-to-School Shoe Bazaar.

The bazaar features more than 40 local shoemakers, offering high-quality leather school shoes.

According to City Mayor Marcy Teodoro, this initiative aims to help residents and neighboring areas save on expenses for the upcoming school year.

“This provides access for parents who need to buy shoes for their schoolchildren. Marikina shoes are for everyone, meaning they are affordably priced,” Mayor Marcy Teodoro, Marikina City said.

To support the local shoe industry, the city’s Freedom Park is available for free use by entrepreneurs participating in the shoe bazaar.

Mayor Teodoro assured that there are no additional charges, and Marikina shoes are priced for the masses.

“The prices of the shoes are already discounted. This is the factory price since the manufacturers themselves are selling and distributing the shoes. There are no middlemen or additional sellers,” Teodoro added.

The local shoe industry contributes around P100 million annually to Marikina’s local economy.

Each sale of locally made shoes provides livelihood to hundreds of families.

“The good thing is, once our clients buy, they help many workers. During the recent pandemic, many shoemakers closed down, so our advantage is that by buying, we also help the workers,” Renz Regala, Konzept Shoes said.

Under Mayor Teodoro’s leadership, the Local Government Unit’s support for shoemakers in Marikina has intensified.

One significant measure is the implementation of supportive taxation for the industry.

In the first year of a shoe manufacturer’s operation, the LGU exempts them from taxes.

There will be slight adjustments in the taxes in the following years as the business grows.

Mayor Teodoro’s excellent leadership has brought him close to the people.

The Back-to-School Shoe Bazaar will run until August 18.

Marikina Mayor Teodoro: The Back-to-School Shoe Bazaar is open until August 18

“We invite our neighboring towns in Metro Manila, as well as those in Rizal or any province, to visit our shoe bazaar. It will operate for nearly 60 days or two months. Come and buy your shoes here,” Teodoro added.


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