Passengers faint after airline delayed for 24 hours

Passengers faint after airline delayed for 24 hours

AIR India received a show cause order after multiple and intense flight delays that resulted in significant inconvenience for passengers.

About 200 passengers were made to board Air India 183 bound from Delhi to San Francisco on Thursday, the 30th of May.

They were told to sit inside the aircraft without air-conditioning for about five hours before getting told to disembark from the aircraft.

Lack of air-conditioning caused some of the passengers to faint as India is not exempted from extreme heatwave boiling countries across the globe.

The airline was supposed to take off at around 3 pm on Thursday but has been rescheduled to take off at 3 pm on Friday.

The aircraft was changed due to a technical glitch and the passengers were asked to board another plane in which the air-conditioning system was not working and caused some of the passengers to faint.

The Director General of Civil Aviation issued a show cause notice to Air India following the incident.

This is the second case of intense delay by Air India within a week, following a similar case involving Air India flight number 179 from Mumbai to San Francisco on May 24.

Air India has been given three days to respond to the notice and explain to the regulator why it should not face any enforcement action.


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