Sen. Robin Padilla calls for investigation into expenses for New Senate Building

Sen. Robin Padilla calls for investigation into expenses for New Senate Building

TO maintain public trust in the Senate as an institution, Sen. Robin Padilla wants to investigate the alleged ballooning expenses for the New Senate Building (NSB).

On Thursday, Padilla filed Senate Resolution 1063, tasking the Senate Committee on Public Information and Mass Media, which he chairs, to conduct an “investigation in aid of legislation.”

During the Committee on Accounts hearing on July 3, DPWH Project Director Soledad Florencio explained that the project had been delayed by over 800 days.

This has resulted in various additional costs, including P78-M due to extensions, P800-M for project variation orders, and P173-B for additional design fees.

Padilla emphasized the importance of identifying the contractors and subcontractors involved in the project.

“There is a need to let the public know of the partner contractors if any, and subcontractors of Hilmarc’s Construction Corp,” said Sen. Robin Padilla.

Padilla pointed out that as part of the government, the Senate should exemplify transparency and accountability to the public.

“Being part of one of the main branches of the government, it is incumbent upon the Senate to set the example of transparency and accountability not only to the entire bureaucracy but more importantly, to the Filipino people,” he added.

Lacson disheartened by Cayetano and Binay’s clash over New Senate Building

Former Senator Panfilo Lacson expressed his dismay over the clash between two senators regarding the New Senate Building (NSB).

 “While the public hearing conducted by the Committee on Accounts is a correct call by the present Senate leadership since the issue involves public funds, the ensuing exchange between two former colleagues last Wednesday was painful to watch, to say the least,” said former Senator Panfilo Lacson.

Lacson found the exchange of harsh words between Senators Nancy Binay and Alan Peter Cayetano distressing.

It can be recalled that Binay and Cayetano had a heated exchange during a hearing investigating the alleged budget increase for the NSB.

Both Binay and Lacson are former chairpersons of the Committee on Accounts, which oversees the project, while Cayetano is the current chairperson.

Lacson had envisioned the new Senate home to be world-class and iconic during his tenure.

However, he is saddened that it is now seen as a symbol of misuse of public funds.

“While a century-old dream for the Philippines Senate to finally have its own home, one that is iconic, secure, functional, and green is about to come to fruition, it is sad that it is now perceived, rightly or wrongly, as another symbol of government abuse of public funds,” said Lacson.


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