UAE welcomes 17th batch of wounded Palestinians from Gaza

UAE welcomes 17th batch of wounded Palestinians from Gaza

MORE wounded and sick Palestinians are receiving urgent and well-deserved care and treatment from their Emirati brothers under the gallant knight 3 humanitarian campaign.

Patients in need of urgent aid were urgently transferred to hospitals, while others were taken to their residences in the Emirates Humanitarian City.

The initiative was ordered by His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, which started in November last year.

The ongoing campaign was designed to offer medical treatment to 1,000 injured children and 1,000 cancer patients Palestinians from the Gaza Strip by transporting them to UAE hospitals.

The UAE has also provided hospitals in the Gaza Strip with ambulances, equipment, medicines, and medical supplies.

The Emiratis also set up a field hospital inside Gaza and a floating hospital in the Egyptian city of Arish.

The Gulf nation has pledged $20 million since the start of the conflict in Gaza, sent thousands of tonnes of aid, and provided 1.2 million gallons of clean water per day for more than 600,000 Palestinians.

The UAE continues to provide urgent care and aid to the Palestinians to assist the war-torn territory’s collapsed healthcare sector heavily impacted by the war.


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