FPRRD insists he will not return to politics

FPRRD insists he will not return to politics

FORMER President Rodrigo Roa Duterte insists he will not return to politics.

During his visit to Tacloban City, Leyte, former President Duterte addressed pressing national issues, including the recent statement by his daughter, Vice President Sara Duterte.

To recall, VP Sara mentioned that her father and two brothers, Davao City 1st District Representative Pulong and Mayor Baste Duterte, intend to run for the Senate in the 2025 midterm elections.

However, FPRRD dismissed VP Sara’s words as unserious remarks.

“It’s good that we’re here in Tacloban, where we can know the truth. Did you believe Inday? Sus Maryosep. She will jam you up good, especially if the question is tricky. She will answer you back in a tricky way. Where have you seen a father and his two sons running for Senate together? What will we do in the Senate? Let’s say we run and win. Will we, as a family, face each other in the Senate? “’Oh, son. Let’s vote on this together, okay?” Oh, you,” said former Pres. Rodrigo Duterte.

FPRRD added that he has no plans to return to politics, especially due to his age.

“I will not return to politics. I’m done. I’m already a has been. I have no more funds, nothing. The only thing left with me is my pride. That’s crazy. Don’t believe Inday. Don’t fall for Inday because she is like me. But I’ve mellowed down, I’m already old,” he added.

Aside from the possibility of the Duterte family running for senate, there is also a chance that Mayor Baste might run for President in the 2028 National Elections.

To this, the former president replied:

“It’s too distant, really, to give a reckoning of what will happen between, the year 2028 and the present. Anything goes. We can’t say anything about that. Only God knows.”

FPRRD does not know why VP Sara resigned as DepEd secretary, NTF-ELCAC Vice Chair

Meanwhile, FPRRD admitted that he does not know the reason why VP Sara resigned as DepEd Secretary and Co-Vice Chairman of NFT-ELCAC.

“I really do not know the reason why. I do not talk to my daughter and I would not want to talk about it. Sara has her own mind and we do not talk about matters related to her work,” said former Pres. Duterte.

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