Israeli PM urges int’l groups to speak up

Israeli PM urges int’l groups to speak up

ISRAELI Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fumed over human rights groups and accused them of turning a blind eye to alleged sexual violence committed by Hamas during the unprecedented October 7 attack.

Speaking at a news conference, Israeli Prime Minister accused the international community of playing down the attacks of Hamas on October 7 and even ignoring them.

Netanyahu noted that he met with released hostages and relatives of those still held in Gaza and that he heard heartbreaking stories of abuse.

But the Israeli Prime Minister said that he has not heard women’s and human rights groups scream against the violence done by Hamas who attacked on October 7, and asked if they were silent because it was Jewish women.

Netanyahu then switched to English to emphasize his point regarding Women’s Rights Organizations for not speaking up.

The Israeli Prime Minister also mentioned that the military’s ground offensive in Gaza had expanded into the south of the Gaza Strip and that there is no place beyond their reach.

Israel’s Justice Ministry said that the victims of Hamas suffered atrocities, but Hamas has rejected all allegations that their members committed sexual assault.

“Victims were tortured, physically abused, raped, burned alive, and dismembered,” according to Israeli Justice Ministry.


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