Japanese PM refuses to dissolve party, won’t resign after election defeat

Japanese PM refuses to dissolve party, won’t resign after election defeat

JAPANESE Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said he has no plans to resign but intends to regain the people’s trust after his ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) lost three seats in parliament on April 28.

Last weekend’s by-election loss is considered punishment by voters for the ruling party’s corruption scandal that erupted last year.

Dozens of lawmakers in Kishida’s Liberal Democratic Party were accused of pocketing profits from ticket sales to political events by falsifying accounting reports. The scandal caused a heavy blow not only to the ruling political party’s image but also weakened the prime minister’s popularity.

Instead of stepping down or replacing party executives, Kishida said he would rather push for anti-corruption measures and political reforms.

The main opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan clinched all three seats previously held by Kishida’s governing party. His party only managed to secure one conservative stronghold in Shimane during the by-elections held this past Sunday.

It can be remembered that Kishida traveled to New York for a meeting with U.S. President Joe Biden earlier this month where both sides pledged to strengthen economic and military ties – a move that resulted in citizens protesting back home.

As Japan strengthens ties with Washington, efforts to improve Japan-China relations were stalled despite a bilateral summit held in November last year.

Kishida started his six-day trip to France, Brazil, and Paraguay on Wednesday which coincides with Japan’s golden week holiday period.


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