Manila police on high alert against terrorist groups ahead of upcoming SONA

Manila police on high alert against terrorist groups ahead of upcoming SONA

PRESIDENT Bongbong Marcos will deliver his third State of the Nation Address (SONA) in July.

It is eagerly anticipated by the entire Filipino nation to learn about the accomplishments of the Marcos administration in over two years of governance.

In a media interview with PMGen. Jose Melencio Nartatez Jr., the regional director of the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO), he stated that they have already begun monitoring all threat groups in the country.

“Here at SONA (preparation), the threat group is being continuously monitored, as well as we will be sending out our intelligence operatives as well as our operators to deny any threat immediately to ensure that our SONA is free from threat groups,” according to PMGen. Jose Melencio Nartatez Jr., Regional Director, NCRPO.

He mentioned that they are only monitoring two terrorist groups in the country.

“The two terror groups, whether leftist or Muslim extremists. So far, the last major activity we had was the crowd estimate of 6.2 million during the Black Nazarene. So far, we haven’t seen any threats there,” Nartatez added.

He also mentioned that they have already a detailed plan for the upcoming SONA.

“We have a detailed plan already for that, and it will be on July 22. As of now, we will be deploying around 22,000 personnel,” said Nartatez.

Their plan includes increasing police presence not only for the SONA but throughout the entire NCRPO.

“Our numbers decreased; from 28,000 four or six years ago, we are now down to 21,000. And so, we are increasing this because there are various activities. We’re not just focusing on illegal drugs, but also on a lot of activities, especially the management of major events and activities. So hopefully, our numbers will increase,” Nartatez added.

PMGen. Nartatez clarified that they currently do not see any threat to the upcoming SONA.

“So far, the threat level here in Metro Manila is non-existent or at the lowest level. We are at threat level 1 because 60% of the economic activities of the entire Philippines are here,” Nartatez expressed.

Aside from threat groups, the police will also monitor various rallies against the administration.


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