Philippines’ Mt. Province logs nearly 10,000 tourists during Holy Week

Philippines’ Mt. Province logs nearly 10,000 tourists during Holy Week

MT. Province is among the favored destinations for tourists during the summer due to its cool climate, beautiful scenery, and rich Igorot culture.

Aside from these attractions, Mt. Province also boasts many products as it is an agricultural area located in the highlands, ensuring quality produce.

In an exclusive interview with SMNI News, Mt. Province Governor Bonifacio Lacwasan revealed that last week, approximately ten thousand tourists visited Mt. Province to escape the intense heat.

Despite the thousands who visited Mt. Province, the Provincial Government maintained peace and order in the area.

“Everything is okay, there have been no reported incidents, no bad incidents. We provided entrances to all of Mt. Province for the operation center to assist and monitor our visitors, and also for the conduct of Semana Santa, so there are no negative reports,” Gov. Bonifacio Lacwasan, Mt. Province said.

Anticipation builds for 57th anniversary and 17th Lang-Ay Festival of Mt. Province

Meanwhile, on April 6, the people of Mt. Province will celebrate the 17th anniversary of the Lang-ay Festival, while on April 7, they will commemorate the 57th anniversary of the province’s founding.

“This occasion will also give us a time to gather and share our experiences and ideas through our native songs chants and dances,” Lacwasan added.

According to Governor Lacwasan, this year’s Lang-ay Festival will mark the longest event in its history.

“As I’ve said, Lang-ay is the longest event as it will start from April 1 to April 8,” he stated.

Aside from the usual festivities, the Lang-ay Festival will also feature an Agro-Industrial Trade Fair.

“That’s the Agro Fair, an agricultural fair where all of our products are showcased. You can roam around there; maybe we will also feature products from other provinces. Perhaps 50% of the display will be from Mt. Province,” he added.

Governor Lacwasan continues to invite both locals and visitors to witness the event.

“For the people of Mt. Province, just like before, let’s always support the Lang-ay Festival. And to those outside Mt. Province, you are welcome here. Mt. Province is very peaceful so that you can witness and experience what we can offer to you,” he stressed.


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