Prayer rally for Pastor Apollo in Davao City signifies KOJC’s unity, victory

Prayer rally for Pastor Apollo in Davao City signifies KOJC’s unity, victory

THE prayer rally at the Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC) in Davao City continues in its second week—and Kingdom members, workers, and even supporters of Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy carry on to lay up their prayers and supplications to the Almighty, even as they rejoice in thanksgiving to the victories that wait ahead.

This is the fervent prayer of the supporters of Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy in Davao City who believe and fully trust the Father Almighty as they continue to call for justice for the good Pastor.

“We believe that prayers are the greatest weapon for us to achieve justice for our beloved Pastor, Pastor Apollo,” said Maricar Camillo, KOJC Full-time Missionary Worker.

“We believe that God, our Almighty Father thru His Appointed Son, is listening to all our prayers,” said KOJC Full-time Missionary Worker, Jo Ortega.

Even before all the political persecutions Kingdom members, workers, and Pastor Apollo’s supporters believe that prayer is their best weapon in this ongoing battle—knowing that the prayer of the righteous availeth much.

“We are here right now at the KJC Compound because we know and we believe with all of our heart that the truth is with Pastor Apollo because never once did he neglected us,” said Myrna Advincula, KOJC Full-Time Missionary Worker.

Sis. Myrna Advincula is among the many who tirelessly call for fairness and honesty for Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy as she stands ready to face anyone, anywhere just to belie all allegations hurled against the good Pastor and prove that these are all fabricated.

“If we have another life to give just to fight for Pastor Apollo we will do it until the last breath of our lives.”

“Pastor, we will fight for you because we know Pastor that you are true, never once you did harm to anyone, we cook 1,200 kilos of fish every day, we cook 50 kilos of rice daily, not one of the workers were left unfed here. Workers know me that I am the one who cooks for you, feeding you with 30 cauldrons of chicken and fish every day,” Advincula added.

Alongside the prayers are the offerings of dancing, singing and worship in thanksgiving to the Father, as they claim the answers to their prayers, as the God that they are serving is alive and true. Among those who joined are some members of the indigenous community.

“We are here in the prayer rally, the Matigsalog Tribe in the areas of Marilog and Bukidnon, we’re here to participate in this gathering in support of our beloved Pastor, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy.”

“The unity that the tribe showed here, is the love and unity of the tribe as they know and see Pastor as a compassionate person, that’s why he is worthy to be repaid with the love that he showed to the people, tribe,” said Evelyn Amion, Community Member, Matigsalug Tribe.

KOJC Prayer Rally in Davao City continues even in Holy Week

Meanwhile—as a show of force and unity—there’s no stopping to the supporters of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy as they converge, offer prayers, their worship, dances and singing even during the Holy Week.

There—they were also able to watch the Passion of Christ at the King Dome.

Not also one of the attendees has shown signs of slowing down despite the days and times spent at the KJC Headquarters as they rally behind Pastor Apollo, rather—their praises continue to heighten and intensify.

“Right now, we are here at the ongoing prayer rally here in Davao City, in support of our beloved Pastor, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy.”

“We are showing this to the whole world that despite the several bashers of our beloved Pastor, those who falsely accuse Pastor, there are much more people who are here to support Pastor, because we know that our beloved Pastor is for goodness, and we know that evil will never prevail over goodness, and one of these days, our beloved Pastor will triumph,” Reynald Tapel, KOJC Full-time Missionary Worker stressed.

KOJC Prayer Rally, show of support for Pastor Apollo continues in its 2nd week 

And as the Prayer Rally at the KJC King Dome Plaza enters its second week, Kingdom members, workers, and advocates of Pastor  Apollo, stand firm in their unity, in lifting their intercessions and pleadings to the Almighty Father that in the end—justice, truth, and righteousness will prevail.

Moreover, aside from this, those who attended also danced with even greater joy and praise as a tribute to the Almighty Father for the abundant blessings He will bestow not only upon the Kingdom of Jesus Christ and Pastor Apollo, but also upon the entire Philippines.

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