Rep. Duterte to Akbayan: It’s not VP Sara’s job to ‘demonize’ China

Rep. Duterte to Akbayan: It’s not VP Sara’s job to ‘demonize’ China

DAVAO City Rep. Paolo Duterte fires back at the remarks made by the opposition group Akbayan against Vice President and Education Secretary Sara Duterte.

Akbayan had criticized the apparent silence of the Vice President on the issue of territorial disputes between China and the Philippines in the West Philippine Sea.

However, Congressman Duterte stated that it is not VP Sara’s role to meddle in foreign policy matters.

He emphasized that it is the President of the Philippines and other relevant government officials who should comment on such issues.

“The question on the actions of Chinese vessels in the WPS should be directed to the chief architect of foreign policy, the Secretary of National Defense, and the Secretary of Foreign Affairs,” Duterte said.

Furthermore, the lawmaker stressed that it is not within the mandate of the Vice President or the Education Secretary to vilify China or any other country.

“It is not the job of the Vice President or the Secretary of the Department of Education to demonize China or any country for that matter,” the lawmaker emphasized.

The younger Duterte advised Akbayan to study the issue and make it an ‘assignment’.

Recent months have seen numerous clashes near disputed reefs in the South China Sea, highlighting ongoing maritime disputes between China and the Philippines.

On Saturday, near Ayungin (Second Thomas) Shoal in the Spratly Islands, a confrontation occurred during a routine mission to resupply Filipino troops stationed on the BRP Sierra Madre, a grounded Navy ship.

According to the Philippines, the China Coast Guard (CCG) obstructed their supply vessel and caused damage using a water cannon, resulting in injuries to three soldiers.

In response to these actions, the Philippines called in a Chinese diplomat to address what it termed as “aggressive actions” by the CCG and other ships near a reef off the Filipino coast.

Beijing, in turn, lodged its own complaint.

The CCG defended its actions, stating they were lawful measures to intercept and expel a foreign vessel that attempted to intrude forcefully into Chinese waters.


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