Senator Imee Marcos expresses concern over PBBM’s US leaning

Senator Imee Marcos expresses concern over PBBM’s US leaning

WHY does the Philippines need to align itself closely with the United States?

According to Senator Imee Marcos herself, this move is not beneficial for our country.

She once again criticized President Bongbong Marcos‘s recent visit to the United States for the US-Japan-Philippines Trilateral Summit.

In an exclusive interview with SMNI on Friday, the elder sister of the president expressed her worries about the Philippines getting entangled in the geopolitical war between the US and China.

Prior to the summit, a senior U.S. official explained to journalists that the meeting was a direct response to China’s interference in the South China Sea and aimed to convey a “clear” message of unity.

“This leaning towards a superpower, so to speak, is not good for the Philippines. We will be caught between two giant countries. As a small nation, we should not engage in geopolitical games. We are not involved in their tensions. We are not picking a fight. Why are we being forced to choose?” stated Sen. Imee Marcos, Chairperson, Committee on Foreign Relations.

Even the close relationship between PBBM and the Americans puzzles the Senator.

To recall that before being elected as president in 2022, Marcos Jr. openly criticized the frequent interference of the United States in other countries.

However, since assuming the presidency, he has repeatedly visited America to strengthen its alliance with the Philippines.

Moreover, the current administration has been vocal about what seems to be preparations for a conflict against China.

“I am puzzled because that is not the stand of my father. My father, like President Duterte, truly upheld an independent foreign policy, but it seems like we are leaning too much towards the Americans. We should not allow ourselves to be used. We should not take sides. We don’t have any enemies. Why should we pick a fight with China?” Sen. Imee added.

According to Senator Imee, China should not be antagonized, especially considering it is the Philippines’ largest trading partner, aside from being our neighbor.

“How can we eat, work, and continue to live peacefully if we cannot export or import? Their contribution to our economy is significant,” said Sen. Imee.


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