South Korea bans song praising North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un

South Korea bans song praising North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un

SOUTH Korea’s National Security Act that blocks access to the North’s government websites took action by blocking a music video that praises the Supreme Leader of its neighboring country.

The video was banned after intelligence authorities asked for a review on whether it breached the law.

Seoul’s Korea Communications Standards Commission said the video is typical content linked to psychological warfare against South Korea.

Titled “Friendly Father,” North Korea’s state television unveiled the clip last month which shows people singing out lines calling Kim Jong Un a “great leader” and a “friendly father.”

The regulator also blocked access to some of the YouTube channels it described as North Korean propaganda last year as requested by the spy agency.

The catchy tune went viral on video app TikTok and other platforms.

The North and the South are still technically at war since the Korean War ended in 1953.


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