Biden vows to visit Maui amid waves of criticisms

Biden vows to visit Maui amid waves of criticisms

THE painstaking search for the victims of the deadly blazes in Maui continues as thousands cope with their own losses and hundreds more remain missing.

The catastrophic wildfires left an unfathomable path of trail and destruction and nearly erased the historic port town of Lahaina from the map.

More than a hundred people were declared dead as the search for both the living and the dead continues.

After days of silence, United States President Joe Biden finally confirmed that he and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden will visit the Hawaiian Island of Maui on Monday, August 21.

Biden received waves of criticisms over a controversial remark this past weekend when a White House correspondent asked him about the rising death toll in Hawaii, to which he replied “No comment” before heading home after spending a couple of hours at a beach in Delaware.

In defense, Biden said he doesn’t want to get in the way of the recovery efforts while the White House said he was getting in touch with the federal emergency management agency.

The remark sparked fury among netizens, supporters, and political rivals including former US President Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, the White House said the administration is taking steps to support the recovery efforts such as the deployment of more than 500 federal personnel on the ground and disaster loans being made available, among others.

The Biden administration earned another wave of criticisms after announcing $700 dollar aid for the wildfire victims but will be sending $200 million in aid to support the war in Ukraine.


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