Lawmaker wants investigation amid increasing numbers of foreigners in high-end subdivisions

Lawmaker wants investigation amid increasing numbers of foreigners in high-end subdivisions

THE growing presence of foreigners in upscale gated subdivisions continues to raise alarm, prompting Sen. Win Gatchalian to call for an investigation of this trend, as he suspects these individuals might be employed by Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGO), now known as Internet Gaming Licensees (IGLs).

The chairperson of the Senate Committee on Ways and Means cited the concerns raised by homeowners in Multinational Village in Parañaque City due to the increasing number of foreigners residing in their subdivision.

According to residents’ reports, an enclave within the subdivision features Chinese restaurants, spas, and salons exclusively for these foreigners.

“It’s alarming that fugitives from other countries may be residing in these subdivisions. They know how to move and who to talk to because these syndicates study the workings here. They have the audacity because they have connections and receive protection from high-ranking officials in the country,” emphasized the senator.

Gatchalian stated that it should be ensured that these foreigners are not employees of POGO, which are often linked to crimes.

He cited the alarming raid conducted in November 2023 by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) at a residence in Ayala Alabang Village, resulting in the arrest of 11 Chinese nationals for allegedly conducting illegal online gambling activities.

Confiscated in the raid was an unlicensed .45-caliber pistol with a magazine and six rounds, a 9mm pistol with a magazine, a switchblade knife, and gambling paraphernalia.

Gatchalian has been advocating for the removal of POGO from the country.

It was previously reported by the government that the social costs of POGO’s continued operation in the country outweigh any economic gains from the industry.


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