Manila Food and Wine Festival aims to boost food tourism

Manila Food and Wine Festival aims to boost food tourism

THE private sector in collaboration with the Department of Tourism (DOT) launched the first Manila Food and Wine Festival featuring various local foods and drinks in the Philippines.

The Pinoy product is one of the unique things that the country can be proud of, something that people will really look for and come back for more.

Featured at the Manila Food and Wine Festival are “nilupak na saging” or mashed banana, “kinilaw” or ceviche, lechon, belly tacos, chicken tinola paella and pork sisig donut bites.

According to Spanky Enriquez, one of the founders of the MFWF, the said activity is intended to help the government promote Filipino-made products.

In this way, Filipino entrepreneurs will be able to help stimulate their industry and increase the standard of living of Filipinos.

MFWF also wants to establish Manila as the newest Culinary Capital of Asia to increase food tourism in the country.

The DOT, on the other hand, emphasized the importance of working with the private sector to elevate the food culture of Filipinos.

Usec. Verna Buensuceso of the DOT’s Tourism Development said it is important because 30 percent of foreign tourists’ expenses are allocated to food and beverages that will contribute to tourism income.

Various young entrepreneurs participated in such activities and hoped to help better recognize local products.

Meanwhile, the MFWF management will roll out this year in Laoag in September and in Davao in November.

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