Marcos Jr. using Pastor ACQ to cover up major national issues—KOJC Legal Counsel

Marcos Jr. using Pastor ACQ to cover up major national issues—KOJC Legal Counsel

A cover-up. This is how the legal counsel of the KOJC and a former CTG cadre describe Marcos Jr.’s tactics in using Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy to cover up major national issues.

The soaring prices of basic goods, the looming threat of war with more powerful countries, the increasing number of hungry Filipinos, and blatant and rampant corruption by heartless politicians.

These are just some of the issues that the current administration should focus on.

Instead of finding solutions, the Marcos administration is avoiding and hiding these problems.

What’s worse is that innocent and defenseless Filipinos are being used as tools to cover up the government’s failures.

One such example is the spiritual leader of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC), Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, who has become a victim of the abusive Marcos Jr. administration.

It is well-known that the good pastor’s only desire and actions are to help the government in shaping the country toward a prosperous and peaceful Philippines.

But what did Bongbong Marcos do in return?

Instead of providing due process for Pastor Apollo regarding the fabricated accusations, the government is hastily persecuting him.

Atty. Israelito Torreon, the legal counsel of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, cannot comprehend why the current administration is so determined to pursue the case against the good pastor when it has not yet been proven in court.

“Why are we really focusing on the Pastor? He still has remedies under the law. Why not rule on his MR first so he can appeal to the court of appeals? He hasn’t done anything wrong. They’re drawing people’s attention so that issues like rice now costing 50-60 pesos or the imminent war under EDCA—because instead of just 5 sites, it’s now 9 or 17—won’t be discussed. Other issues confronting us should have been attended to by the administration,” Atty. Israelito Torreon, Legal Counsel, KOJC said.

Atty. Torreon’s statement pertains to the ten million peso reward from the Department of the Interior and Local Government and Philippine National Police for anyone who can locate Pastor Apollo.

KOJC lawyers questioned and criticized this, emphasizing that Pastor Apollo is neither a fugitive nor a terrorist.

“Maybe they’re doing this so we have a daily spectacle because Pastor has SMNI, and we’re sure to complain, so attention is drawn here, and people forget about our rising debt and severe corruption. That’s just my observation,” Atty. Torreon added.

For Jeffrey “Ka Eric” Celiz, a former national intelligence officer of the CPP-NPA-NDF, it’s clear that Marcos Jr. is just covering up his failures as president.

“In displacement theory, they want to avoid the fact that Kapa is not the real investment scam. The real big-time scam is Bongbong Marcos’ Maharlika investment scam, which should now be investigated. That’s clear,” Jeffrey ‘Ka-Eric’ Celiz, Former National Intelligence Officer, CPP-NPA-NDF said.

This is why Ka Eric is no longer surprised that Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy is facing excessive defamation and suppression of his rights.

“That’s why we are facing problems with Pastor Apollo Quiboloy. What they’re doing is illegal, hiding behind the law, and yet they refuse to admit that their actions are illegal because this is the ‘wag the dog’ theory or in physics, the displacement theory to confuse the public and to distract them from the Marcos Jr. government’s severe lack of leadership capability,” Celiz added.


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