PCG, JCG, USCG reassert commitment to keeping WPS free, safe, and secure

PCG, JCG, USCG reassert commitment to keeping WPS free, safe, and secure

THE Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), Japan Coast Guard (JCG), and U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) have reasserted their commitment to keeping the West Philippine Sea (WPS) free, safe, and secure.

This occurred during the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) Shangri-La Dialogue: 21st Asia Security Summit in Singapore from 31 May to 02 June 2024.

During the PCG-JCG-USCG conference, PCG Commandant, CG Admiral Ronnie Gil L Gavan, recommended to the JCG and USCG to develop new ways to address the forthcoming threat in the high seas, particularly China’s declaration to apprehend non-Chinese fishermen who will violate their “self-declared boundaries.”

“The PCG intends to send ships further out, in coordination with other agencies, to better secure our Filipino fishermen,” CG Admiral Gavan said.

“I’d like to propose greater deployment in the high seas. We will do our part, but we also need you to be there to maintain rules-based order the way Coast Guards should play their role,” the Coast Guard Commandant added.

“We know our limits, but we know we can do something to give time for our political leaders to do their part to keep the West Philippine Sea as free as it should be,” he furthered.

For its part, the JCG recognized the PCG’s “courageous and law-abiding stance” in the face of the current situation in the Philippines’ exclusive economic zone (EEZ). The JCG proposed the conduct of more personnel exchanges to create a robust network of Coast Guard counterparts in pursuit of maritime law enforcement and rule of law.

Meanwhile, the USCG shared they will deploy their North Pacific Coast Guard to support the PCG in upholding its sovereign rights in the WPS – emphasizing the need to conduct further training, develop dynamic tactics and procedures, and prepare ships equipped to counter evolving threats in the high seas.

The PCG, JCG, and USCG agreed to pursue capacity-building initiatives to strengthen their people-to-people relationship, better synchronize Coast Guard doctrines on the ground, and develop trust with each other.

“Rest assured that the PCG is doing its share in the alliance we nurture. We are grateful for the new opportunities to further strengthen our ranks and fulfill our roles in the most unique way to address current challenges. Thank you, JCG and USCG, for being reliable partners of the PCG,” CG Admiral Gavan expressed.


Editor’s Note: This article has been sourced from the Philippine Coast Guard – Philippines Facebook Page.


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